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Herschel Walker Hoping For One Final Fight Despite Worries From Family

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Herschel Walker is doing things most men half his age could only dream of. At 49 years old, Walker spends his days training alongside Cain Velasquez, Josh Koscheck and a slew of other UFC stars at San Jose's American Kickboxing Academy.

Yet, in a strange twist of fate, the same athletic fire that carried the former running back to the 1982 Heisman and two Pro Bowls has now become an unhealthy fixation according to those around him.

Walker is spotlighted in December's issue of Playboy with a feature that portrays not just how obscenely talented the man is, but also how his multiple personality disorder and overdriven nature has led to worry amongst his family, especially when the subject turns to his MMA career.

The former NFL star currently sports a 2-0 professional record, with both wins coming under the Strikeforce banner. According to the piece, Walker desires one final fight before he's willing to call it quits.

Walker's love of MMA is unequivocal. The companionship of his fellow fighters at the American Kickboxing Academy and the attention he has received (his first two bouts aired live on Showtime and drew huge ratings) are gratifying. Even the money, whether he keeps it or not, is a form of respect. Promoters are dangling a $1 million payday for his third fight. "They're making me an offer I can't refuse," Walker says. Most of all he relishes the competition. Since his teens, that is what has kept him sane. For Walker to thrive in the world, he must keep pushing himself to do things others regard as on the edge.

Those who care about Walker are now urging him to walk away from MMA. "We all feel scared," says Blanchard. "His family does not approve. He's done it. He's proved it." Walker hears them but says he will finish on his own terms. After this last fight, he says, "I can guarantee you there will be no more. It really won't make sense for me to continue to fight after this year."

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