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Dana White: Jon Jones Is The Number Two Pound-For-Pound Fighter In The World

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It seems impossible to place the mantle of "best fighter in the world" on someone whose fighting career is as old as Barack Obama's presidency, but we're reaching that point with Jon Jones.

After having what may be the most incredible 11-month campaign in mixed martial arts history -- not just victories, but brutal finishes over Ryan Bader, Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, and Lyoto Machida -- it's getting harder and harder to deny the 24-year-old.

In the aftermath of UFC 140, UFC President Dana White wasn't ready to crown Jones just yet, but in talking with MMA Weekly, he made it clear that the time may soon be coming.

"(He's) number two (in the world)...I mean, I don't know how you deny the guy anymore. He's literally walked through everybody. He fought four times this year, probably the nastiest schedule in the history of the company. He's incredible, man. The guy is, I hate to talk too much about nobody's gonna hear this (laughs) ... because he's so young, you don't wanna put that kind of stuff in a guy's head who is that young but he's walking through serious, serious guys and bustin' 'em up bad. Stopping them. Finishing them. You don't see somebody come in and wreck people like this."

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