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UFC 140: Frank Mir Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Fight Video Highlights

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Video highlights from Saturday night's UFC 140 co-main event, Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

Mir - Nogueira
Mir - Nogueira

UFC President Dana White described it as the "submission of the century", and he may not be far off. White, of course, was referring to Frank Mir's stunning submission win over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140 on Saturday night. In the titanic heavyweight rematch, Mir battled through early trouble to lock-in a gruesome kimura that appeared to break Nogueira's arm before he could tap out. Full video highlights of the finish can be seen below.

For more, catch the play-by-play by MMA Nation's own Nate Wilcox.

ROUND ONE: Herb Dean is the referee. Nog comes out in orthodox. Mir in south paw. Nogueira forces Mir back into the cage. Tries to get the take down, gets stuffed. Nog pushes Mir into the cage. Mir lands some knees, pushes Nog back against the cage. Minotauro reverses. Mir gets a trip and takes Nogueira down. Nogueira working for a sweep and Mir stands up. Nogueira pushes Mir into the clinch. Nogueira landing hard right hands to Mir's face. Mir is hurt bad. Nogueira lands a very hard knee that staggers Mir. Mir drops and Nogueira is on top firing away. Mir is nearly out. Nogueira goes for an anaconda choke but it's loose. Mir gets on top. It looks like Nog is about to take his back. Mir gets a kimura. Nogueira rolls to escape but Mir holds onto the shoulder lock. Nogueira taps just as Mir snaps his shoulder.

UFC 140 Results: Frank Mir defeats Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by submission at 3:38 of the first round.