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UFC 140: Jon Jones Vs. Lyoto Machida Fight Video Highlights

Video highlights from Saturday night's UFC 140 main event, Jon "Bones" Jones vs. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida.

Jon Jones - Lyoto Machida
Jon Jones - Lyoto Machida

It's getting harder and harder to challenge Jon Jones' claim as the best fighter in the world. The 24-year-old capped what may be the most impressive year in the history of mixed martial arts by submitting Lyoto Machida via a stunning standing guillotine to defend his light heavyweight title at the main event of UFC 140. Full video highlights of the two-round affair can be seen below.

For more, catch the play-by-play by MMA Nation's own Nate Wilcox.

ROUND ONE: Big John McCarthy is the referee. The opponents touch hands and exchange bows before the fight. Jones crawls out into the cage. Finally stands after keeping one hand on the mat for several seconds. Jones firing with leaping side kick. Jones missing with an overhand right. Jones with a spinning back kick. Machida lands a leg kick. Jones misses with a front kick, lands a leg kick. Machida tries a counter left but Jones catches it and throws him back. Jones lands a stomp kick to the knee. Jones lands a leg kick, and a punch Machida misses a punch counter. Machida lunges in and lands a punch. Jones tries to answer with a knee. Jones firing kicks but Machida stays outside. Machida lands a sharp kick. Jones stomps the knee. Jones misses a round house but lands a leg kick. Machida lands a punch. Machida lands a combination and backs Jones up. Machida kicks Jones and lands a punch. Jones misses a spinning kick. Misses again. Machida switches stances. Jones backs away. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Lyoto Machida but it's very very close.

ROUND TWO: Referee "Big" John McCarthy is the official. Jones takes center cage. Jones firing and missing with kicks and punches. Machida dancing away from a variety of Jones strikes. Crowd is chanting "MA-CHI-DA MA-CHI-DA". Jones lands a leg kick. Misses a spinning attack. Jones fires a kick and Machida swarms with a flurry of punches. Jones tries to counter but mostly misses. Jones catches Machida with a hard right hand. Jones gets the take down. Jones lands a big elbow. Another. Machida is bleeding badly. Jones is looking for a front choke. Machida trying to stand up. Jones trying to take his back. The ref stops the action for a doctor to look at Machida's cut. They restart it in the clinch. They separate and Jones hurts Machida with a strike. Jones forces Machida up against the cage and gets a front choke. Machida is out. Jones drops him and Machida falls to the mat.

UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones defeats Lyoto Machida by submission at 4:26 of the second round.