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Khan Vs. Peterson Results Live (Round 11)

We're at round ten here in Washington, D.C. We've got it 95-93 for Khan and it's still anyone's fight in the eleventh round. Peterson has to show more life in this round, though to win. Khan seems to be the fresher of the two.

ROUND 11 - Peterson literally driving Khan back into the ropes, but Khan fires off a nice uppercut and Peterson's head snaps back. Khan ripping off three or four punch combinations, but Peterson blocks them all. Peterson swings wildly for a left hook and misses. The fans are booing Khan for holding onto Peterson. Peterson lands a left hook to stop Khan in his tracks, but Khan circles out when Peterson throws the right. Peterson driving right hands to the body of Khan and now a right hook to the head. Nice uppercut by Khan.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Peterson.

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