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UFC 140 Live Gate And Attendance: 18,303 Spectators Fill Air Canada Centre

UFC 140 collected an audience of 18,303 and a live gate of $3.9 million.

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Following the stunning conclusion of UFC 140 on Saturday night, UFC President Dana White announced the show's live gate and attendance from Toronto, Canada. According to White, 18,303 spectators lined the sold-out Air Canada Centre, attracting a live gate of $3.9 million.

Fight fans in attendance were treated to the most impressive performance of Jon Jones' young career. The UFC light heavyweight champion stared eye-to-eye with adversity for the first time, as Lyoto Machida's elusive karate attack put "Bones" on the defensive throughout the opening frame.

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Jones found his rhythm in the second, however, opening a massive gash on Machida's forehead before putting him to sleep with a jaw-dropping standing guillotine choke.  

"He didn't have me hurt, but he did punch me pretty good and wobble me a little bit," Jones said afterward. "It was good. I think one of my biggest critic points is that I can't take a punch, so I'm glad to prove it to myself and everyone else that I can take a legit hit. He's just really smart. He kicks really hard, and he knew his range. He has great tactics. He was definitely a very tough puzzle."

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