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Khan Vs. Peterson Results Live: Fernando Guerrero Puts On Clinic In KO Win Over Robert Kliewer

The fourth bout of the evening is Fernando Guerrero vs. Robert Kliewer. This is a super middleweight bout. Guerrero is the hometown favorite. This bout is scheduled for eight, three-minute rounds. The referee in charge of the action is.

ROUND 1 - Kliewer opens southpaw and charges in to start the frame. Guerrero is orthodox. Kliewer fires and uppercut and left straight, just missing with both. Left to the body by Guerrero. Now a nice left from Guerrero finds the mark. Two right hard body shots from Guerrero backs up Kliewer and a straight left. Guerrero got off to a slow first half of the round, but looked better late. MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Guerrero.

ROUND 2 - Kliewer trying to counter the jab of Guerrero with a right straight. Excellent combo from Guerrero leads to two hard body shots and a right hook. Guerrero starting to take over with combos that have Kliewer covering up. Uppercut from Kliewer leads to him eating a right hook over the top. A slip from Kliewer and he stands back up, slowly. Guerrero smells blood and forces Kliewer to cover again. MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Guerrero.

ROUND 3 - Right hand to the body from Guerrero to start the frame and he picks up right where he left off. He's battering Kliewer now. Uppercut from Kliewer nearly finds the mark. Guerrero's got Kliewer in a corner covering up eating rights to the body. Kliewer storms out and lands a punch of his own. Excellent chin on Kliewer. Guerrero is loose now and has Kliewer eating combination after combination. MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Guerrero.

ROUND 4 - Guerrero is back to stalking and just totally owning Kliewer. Kliewer's hanging in there, but the body-head combinations are too much for Kliewer. Guerrero goes to the uppercut and that opens Kliewer's guard enough for Guerrero to bomb on him. Two left hooks send Kliewer down. He actually gets knocked down again as the bell sounds, but the referee doesn't count it. MMA Nation scores this round 10-8 Guerrero.

ROUND 5 - Rights and lefts send Kliewer down within seconds of the round opening. It looks like this is about over. And then boom, a straight left puts Kliewer out cold.

Official result: Fernando Guerrero defeats Robert Kliewer by KO at :45 of round 5.

Khan vs. Peterson results:

  • Fernando Guerrero defeats Robert Kliewer by KO at :45 of round 5.
  • Dusty Harrison defeats Terrell Davis via TKO (referee stoppage) at 2:46 of round 1.
  • Terron Grant defeats Dashawn Autry by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:10 of round 1.
  • Joshua Davis defeats Chris Russell via unanimous decision (40-36, 39-37, 39-37)

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