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Khan Vs. Peterson Results Live (Round 4)

The two main event combatants turned in another incredible performance in the third frame. It was the actually Peterson who showed up and took the frame. Up to this point, we have Khan ahead in the bout, but just barely. It's 29-27 Khan this far in the fight.

ROUND 4 - Right hand for Peterson to start the frame. Khan charging forward with punches, but Peterson gets out of the way mostly. Uppercut by Peterson and Khan is covering up. Khan with a nice jab now. Khan moving more now and the two trade jabs. Left hook now for Khan but Peterson responds. Peterson is teeing off of Khan against the ropes and Khan lands a big right. Khan with a glancing left. Peterson with a left hook and this is a much closer fight than anyone expected.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Khan.

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