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Khan Vs. Peterson Results Live (Round 3)

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While in the first round of Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson it was super dominant for Khan, the second round was different. The second frame showed Peterson still being battered, but landing punches of his own and getting in far less trouble. We have it 20-17 through two for Khan.

ROUND 3 - Khan opening back with the jab and doing all the stalking. Peterson still ducking but he's nearly off balancing himself in the process. Uppercut now for Peterson. Khan charging forward with a three punch combo, the last punch landing nicely. Left hook for PEterson and now a right, but Khan counters. Nice body shot for Peterson and the DC native looks better this round. Three left hooks for Peterson and he's walking Khan down now. Huge right hand for Peterson and the two are trading punches. Peterson is literally walking Khan down. Peterson doing exceptionally well. Peterson has Khan ROCKED.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Peterson.

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