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UFC 140 Results: Mark Bocek Tops Nik Lentz

UFC 140 Results: Mark Bocek defeats Nik Lentz by unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

Photo by Esther Lin for <a href="" target="new">MMA Fighting</a>.
Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting.

Lightweights Mark Bocek and Nik Lentz met in the final fight of the Facebook portion of the UFC 140 preliminary card.

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ROUND ONE: Herb Dean is the ref. Bocek takes the center of the cage. Bocek lands a knee. Lentz lands a knee. Both men muscling for control. Bocek with a knee from the clinch. Bocek takes a sloppy shot. Bocek with an arm trip take down. Lentz starts attacking Bocek's head. It takes a bit and Lentz gets a tight guillotine on Bocek. Bocek stands and slams Lentz down. Bocek briefly to side mound but Lentz gets guard back, losing the choke. Bocek steps over Lentz's leg but Lentz gets it back in. Bocek firing with punches. Another attempt to pass fails. Lentz lands an up kick. Bocek passes but Lentz once again reclaims guard. Bocek gets to side mount but Lentz immediately gets guard back. Bocek half passes again at the end and spends the final seconds whaling away at Lentz. MMA Nation scores the first round 10-9 Bocek.

ROUND TWO: Bocek comes forward with a leg kick. Overhand right. Bocek lands a hook to the body. Lentz counters. Bocek shoots, stuffed. Bocek slips on a high kick attempt, Lentz dives on him. Bocek goes for a leg. Lentz hangs on. They end up frozen in a weird vertical position with Lentz hanging upside down with his legs wrapped around Bocek's face. They scramble out and land in Lentz' guard. Bocek landing from the top. Working to pass. Lentz reclaims guard. Looks for a knee bar. Bocek trying to pass again, Lentz tries to roll him in a counter. Bocek gets top control back. Bocek goes high to get the pass but Lentz stops him. Bocek lands some punches to counter. Lentz with a guillotine, a deep one! Bocek's face turns red. Bocek is ok. Bocek escapes. Back to Lentz' guard. Referee restarts. Lentz lands a hard punch before the bell rings. MMA Nation scores the second round 10-9 Mark Bocek and the fight 20-18 for Bocek.

ROUND THREE: Bocek takes center cage and shoots for the take down. Lentz goes for the neck but gets taken down. Bocek lands punches and elbows from the top. Bocek trying to pass again. Lentz stops him cold. They stand up. Lentz lands a punch on the separation. Lentz lands an uppercut. A right hook. Bocek shoots in. Gets another take down. Lentz again going for the guillotine. Bocek breaks free. Lands some hard elbows. Bocek trying to pass. Lentz in an amazing performance of defensive jiu jitsu keeps stopping that pass. Bocek rears up and throws down. Lentz stops a leaping pass atttempt. Another. Bocek firing away from the top. Bocek is cut and bleeding. Lentz attacking the head briefly. Bocek stands up and lets Lentz up. They end the fight briskly trading punches. MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Mark Bocek.

UFC 140 Results: Mark Bocek defeats Nik Lentz by unanimous decision (30-27 x3).