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UFC 140 Results: John Cholish Scrambles Mitch Clarke

UFC 140 RESULTS: John Cholish defeats Mitch Clarke by TKO at 4:36 of the second round.

Photo by Esther Lin via <a href="" target="new">MMA Fighting</a>.
Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting.

Lightweights Mitch Clarke and John Cholish made their UFC debuts in the first fight of the UFC 140 fight card. The fight streamed live on Facebook.

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ROUND 1: "Big" John McCarthy is the ref. Both fighters come out in orthodox stance. Cholish shoots and gets stuffed. The second time he tries it, Clarke threatens with a guillotine and lands the knee on the separation. They trade jabs. Clarke lands an uppercut. An overhand right. Cholish trips Clarke who immediately spins and takes his back. Clarke working for back control, Cholish pulls a rolling knee bar and then rolls into guard. Could've had mount. Clarke gets guard. Cholish stalls out in Clarke's guard. Clarke tries to stand, Cholish pulls him back down. Cholish lands an elbow to the forehead. Clarke in closed guard. Cholish backs off and lets Clarke stand up. Cholish lands a leg kick. Cholish lands a punch. Clarke misses a series of punches. Lands a jab. Cholish answers. Clarke lands a tap of a jab. Cholish shoots, gets stuffed. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for John Cholish.

ROUND 2: Cholish lands a right hand. Outside leg kick. Clarke missing. They fight for the clinch but no one gets control and they separate. Cholish lands a hard right. Cholish shoots, gets a body lock. Clarke gets free. Cholish with a hard right. Seems much fresher than Clarke. Kicks from Cholish. A jab. They trade jabs. Cholish lands another right hand. Clarke throws a front high kick, misses. A really hard right hand lands from Cholish. Jabs from Cholish. He gets a power double leg and puts Clarke on his back. Clarke with a tightly closed guard. Cholish lands a hard elbow. Clarke looked for rubber guard, didn't get close. Clarke rolls for an arm bar and a great scramble ensues! Cholish comes out on Clarke's back. Cholish punching away from back mount when John McCarthy stops the fight. 

UFC 140 RESULTS: John Cholish defeats Mitch Clarke by TKO at 4:36 of the second round.