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VIDEO: Chael Sonnen Hints At Fight With Winner Of Bisping Vs. Miller

Reports have been surfacing that UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen would be facing Mark Munoz as part of the second UFC on Fox card this January. Sonnen defeated Brian Stann at UFC 136 and Munoz dispatched with Chris Leben at UFC 138, thereby setting up a possible number one contender's match.

But frankly speaking, there isn't a ton of interest in the fight. And more to the point: there's a case to be made that the winner of Saturday's Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller fight is also a top contender for Anderson Silva's middleweight title.

In the video above, Sonnen denies the claim he's fighting Munoz and instead hints he's facing the winner of Bisping vs. Miller at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. You'll recall Sonnen previously asked UFC matchmaker Joe Silva for a fight with Bisping. Both Sonnen and UFC wanted Sonnen to coach opposite of the Brit on this season of Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter'. Sonnen's commission problems in California torpedoed the fight and the UFC went with Miller.

Sonnen's already fought Miller and defeated him. Admittedly, that fight was ages ago (2002), but I'm not so sure the result would be different today. You can watch their fight here.

There's probably a similar amount of interest in a Sonnen vs. Munoz bout as there is a Sonnen vs. Miller bout. A Sonnen vs. Bisping fight, however, would not only generate a fair amount of interest, it could also serve as a fantastic set-up (if aired on UFC on Fox 2) to an eventual title fight (to be aired on pay-per-view). Bisping has to beat Miller and do so without significant injury on Saturday for everything to fall into place. But if that's the fight the UFC is trying to make, UFC on Fox 2 is shaping to be quite the event.