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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 10 Recap: That's What Happens When You Get Knocked Out

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Akira Corassani gives his perspective on the 10th and final episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 14.

Akira Corassani
Akira Corassani

Hey guys, what an end to the season! Two fights to finish it out. The first fight between John Dodson and Johnny Bedford went just as I thought it would. Bedford had height but Dodson was just too fast for him. It might have been a mistake for Bedford to want to fight him over something that happened in the house. He didn't take the easy path for sure. I knew Dodson was going to do what he did and the TKO was going to come. Maybe a decision win for Dodson but I was confident he would win the fight. We were all joking about Bedford waking up and saying he was in Ohio. I guess he lived there back in the day. Dodson sent Bedford back to Ohio. That's what happens when you get knocked out.

I was surprised to hear Brian Caraway talk about wanting to quit MMA. It's natural to feel that way after a loss but not before the fight. That's not a good mindset before a fight. Not being confident. His mind was playing ghosts on him the whole season. The party wasn't that big a deal. We made sure that everybody was quiet for Diego. I was in charge of keeping the order so everyone left him alone. He was all pumped up for the fight and getting pissed off about the noise. We just made sure to keep everyone away from him so he could sleep. I was kind of like a bouncer.

The fight went how I thought it would go down. I knew it was going to be very brutal. I just thought it would be quicker. I was shocked Caraway made it that long. He was wobbling all over the place but he was hanging in there. I don't know why Diego got in Dennis Bermudez' face after the fight like that. What can I say? He was always pissed off about something. I think he was hyping the fight up and sending Dennis a message that he's next.

For the fights in the finale? I'm going to pick Dodson and Diego. Dodson by TKO. Diego by quick, quick end. It'll be very quick. Fast KO or TKO. Bermudez is not going to survive this fight. He barely survived the prelims in the elimination round and then we saw him against me. May the best man win but I think Diego is going to win a very quick and brutal fight. Bisping will win by TKO or decision. Miller isn't going to be able to take him down.  

It was a great season. It's totally different to be on it then watching it. Don't believe everything you see. It was a great experience. I'm very happy to have been a part of it. A historic season for number 14. I'll have memories for life. Would I ever do it again? Not now! But maybe in a couple years. Thanks for watching all season guys and remember to tune in Saturday night! Remember we are all one world. We are all one. Check out my website or follow me on Twitter @AkiraCorassani Much love.