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UFC On Fox 1: Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos Pre-Fight Press Conference Notes

UFC president Dana White, heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior dos Santos answered questions from the press today to promote their bout on Saturday's UFC on Fox 1.

Dana White

- This is the greatest fight in UFC history, "without a doubt" these are the two fighters to be in that bout. 

- Cain Velasquez has proven that it doesn't matter how big you are in the heavyweight division. MMA is the new martial art people are learning. Being the heavyweight champion of the world really means something. I think you'll see more top flight athletes move to MMA.

- We're trying to reach everybody. This is the only Mexican heavyweight champion ever in any combat sport. This is a big deal. Cain is a testament to the American Dream. I don't care if you're German, Mexican, or what I don't see how you don't love Cain Velasquez' story.

- The difference between the original Ultimate Fighter Finale is they were the winners of the reality show, I couldn't hand pick them. This time we got to hand pick the two fighters we want from the entire roster. 

- You just have to be a fight fan and get introduced to Mixed Martial Arts and you get addicted to it. The UFC is the most intense live experience in sports. 

- The most proud for me is to see these incredible athletes finally getting the respect and attention they deserve. 

- People from all over the world, everybody in every country are dying to see this fight. We've got a Mexican and a Brazilian fighting and people from all over the world want to see this fight. It's global it's not national. 

- The UFC's sponsorship levels keep going up. We've moved from our humble beginnings and to the blue chip sponsors we have now.

- Simon Cowell would be better than the judges and referees we have now.

- Hopes the fight will go one round.

- Expects that fans will watch the UFC bout and then change to the Manny Pacquiao.

Cain Velasquez

- Glad to be fighting in Los Angeles again.

- We don't put on boring fights. People who's never watched this sport are going to see two guys move forward and put on a fight. 

- I learned to fight bigger guys in college wrestling.

- Thanks La Raza, "I'm proud to represent you guys."

- Thinks it will be a five round fight.

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Junior dos Santos

- Feeling no pressure for me. I want to enjoy everything and I will. 

- He's mr. stamina and that's how I fight too. 

- Cain Velasquez is the #1 heavyweight now, but I want to change this on Saturday.

- I'm 240lbs and I'm not a small guy. I think smaller heavyweights have more speed and that's made the difference. 

- I can keep my focus on Cain. There will be a lot of people rooting for him Saturday night (in the arena) but I will have a lot of people rooting for me around the world. I will draw on that. I will make this a Brazilian bout.

- I'm ready to fight anywhere. I love to fight standing and I will try to keep this fight standing. If it stays standing it will be a fast and exciting fight for the fans and I will be trying to knock him out. 

- Does not expect it to be a long fight. 

- I will use both hands to knock him out, but I like this one (holds up right hand).