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VIDEO: UFC Uses Bob Arum Interview To Promote UFC On Fox

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After a press conference hyping Miguel Cotto's fight with Yuri Foreman at Yankee Stadium, MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani interviewed Top Rank promoter Bob Arum. Arum, a known critic of MMA, made the interview famous with his rather harsh characterization of MMA. Well, on the eve of the UFC's debut on Fox, the UFC MMA is firing back.

As you can see from watching the clip, they've whoever made the clip taken his words and directly contrasted them with hightlight performances that pretty clearly undercut his characterizations. UFC President Dana White Tweeted the clip earlier this afternoon.

His assessments were never valid to begin with, so the video does no more than what every supporter of MMA has always argued: the fighters are true athletes with technique, the racial and national diversity of MMA is incontestable and so forth. But having the the video clips strung together makes for particularly compelling drama. It's also a damning indictment of MMA critics with Arum as their figurehead

What's best? The video doesn't take a shot at boxing. It's just Arum who takes the beating here. A rather deserved one at that.

On the other hand, while Arum's had this coming to him, White's intense dislike for Arum is growing a touch tired. Arum's wrong on MMA; White's right. If the world didn't know before, they do now. This video is fun, but I'm hoping the back and forth ends here.


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