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UFC 138 Ratings: Spike TV Tape Delay Collects 1.8 Million Viewers

The tape delayed broadcast of UFC 138 collected just 1.8 million viewers, down from previous international events.

Mark Munoz vs. Chris Leben UFC 138
Mark Munoz vs. Chris Leben UFC 138

As expected, ratings for the UFC's final Spike TV televised event exited on a relative low note. Despite delivering explosive finishes in all five main event fights, a tape-delayed broadcast of UFC 138 earned just 1.8 million viewers, down from the 1.9 million of UFC 120 (London) and 2.2 million of UFC 122 (Germany).

Even with the drop in viewership, the numbers are considered immensely successful by general standards. The three-hour broadcast drew a 1.2 household rating, a 1.54 in males age 18-49, and a 1.71 in males age 18-34. Among basic cable networks in their time slot, UFC 138 ranked first in each of the key demographics. Additionally, according to figures obtained by MMA Nation, the ratings peaked to 2,138,000 viewers during the night's main event, a back-and-forth brawl between middleweight contenders Mark Munoz and Chris Leben.

UFC 138 was held on Saturday, November 5th and marked the promotion's return to Birmingham, England. By comparison, Zuffa's previous trip to Birmingham -- UFC 89 -- collected 3.4 million Spike TV viewers with a headlining attraction of Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben.