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Dana White Video Blog For UFC On Fox (Day 1)

UFC President Dana White returns with the first edition of his video blog series leading up to the UFC's historic debut on Fox. The ten-minute collage of clips catches fight fans up with behind-the-scenes action from UFC 137 and UFC 138, before moving on to the UFC on Fox press conference.

White kicks things off explaining Saturday's UFC on Fox schedule while declaring his excitement for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez primetime boxing match that immediately follows.

The scene then transitions to a backstage look at an emotional, freshly-retired Mirko "Cro Cop" after his loss to Roy Nelson at UFC 137. The legend clearly wants nothing more than to leave and refuses medical attention, explaining his absence from the post-fight press conference.

Eventually the action moves to a startling portrait of a bloody, disturbingly battered B.J. Penn following his decision loss to Nick Diaz. Diaz soon enters the frame and the two warriors engage in a prolonged embrace.

Afterwards we transition to the hoopla of UFC 138 as White's bodyguard hands out free tickets to overwhelmed Birmingham residents before the scene returns to backstage looks at various competitors post-fight. Most striking is the clearly distraught Chris Leben, who springs a surprising revelation. "I need to reevaluate things," he says with his head down. "I cant be fighting if I'm fighting like that. I might be too old now."

Finally the vlog transitions to the UFC on Fox press conference and assorted interviews with the heavyweight competitors. Junior dos Santos caps things off, confidently stating (in noticeably improved English), "If he wants to stand and bang with me, it's going to be a big fight for sure."