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VIDEO UFC Fighters Predict Winner Of Velasquez Vs. Dos Santos

The UFC asked a bunch of its fighters to make predictions for this Saturday's heavyweight championship bout between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos on UFC on Fox 1.  Matt Mitrione, Roy Nelson, Cheick Kongo, Joe Lauzon and Donald Cerrone pipe up with their opinions on the fight. 

Lauzon brings up the point that Cain has had an almost year long layoff due to shoulder surgery. Nelson thinks that the winner will be the man who wins the first 2.5 minutes of the fight. Mitrione can't decide between the two fighters but effuses about the skill levels of both men at some length. I'm not quite sure what Kongo was trying to say. Cerrone seems to favor dos Santos after seeing the beating Junior put on his teammate Shane Carwin at UFC 131

Personally I think it could be quite the fight, both fighters have the skills to pay the bills as it were and anything can happen in the Octagon.