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VIDEO: Fan Invades Octagon At UFC 138

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Those watching the live broadcast of UFC 138 may have missed one of the more unusual moments in recent UFC history. Midway through the introduction of middleweight headliners Chris Leben and Mark Munoz, a fan in attendance at Birmingham, England's LG Arena somehow made his way past lines of security and stormed into the Octagon. Video of the bizarre incident can be seen above.

As you can plainly see, the unidentified fan leapfrogs the cage walls during in the closing moments of Leben's oddly-fitting introductory music, Gary Jules' "Mad World". He briefly revels in his moment, parading around "The Crippler" before being briskly removed by security.

Afterwards, UFC President Dana White was surprisingly amused at the affair. Per White's Twitter:

Fan just jumped the barrier and ran into the octagon! That's a first in 10 years!!!!! The Brits lol
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So credit goes to the fan for making the UFC boss chuckle. Still, with the waves of security personnel that line these shows, it's incredibly remarkable he even made it that far.