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Dana White Hesitant About Second Chance For Paul Daley

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UFC President Dana White was noncommittal when asked about the prospect of bringing back former welterweight contender Paul Daley.

Dana White speaks to Paul Daley at UFC 113. (Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports)
Dana White speaks to Paul Daley at UFC 113. (Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports)

Paul Daley isn't exactly the best of friends with Dana White. The British slugger has engaged in a public on-again, off-again war of words with the UFC President since an unceremonious release from the promotion in mid-2010.

Though it doesn't mean he hasn't stayed busy. Far from it actually, as Daley has ripped through a 6-2 record in various organizations, including a grueling fight of the year candidate with Nick Diaz in April. With all the attention "Semtex" has been garnering, the assembled British media at the UFC 138 post-fight press conference took the opportunity to ask White if the embattled fighter has earned a second-chance inside the Octagon.

"It's not like Daley's been so friendly since that happened," White simply replied, according to reports from John Morgan. "I'm not a fan, to be honest.

"We'll see what happens with [the Strikeforce-Showtime deal] first. I just have a hard time with what Daley did."

Daley was notoriously kicked-out of the UFC immediately after taking a post-fight swing at Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. Since then he has collected wins over UFC veterans Scott Smith, Luigi Fioravanti, Jordan Radev, and Strikeforce number-one contender Jorge Masvidal.