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UFC 138 Results: Chris Leben Vs. Mark Munoz Round 1

The main event of the evening at UFC 138 is Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz. This is a middleweight fight meaning 185 pounds. This bout is scheduled for five, five-minute rounds. The referee in charge of the action is Marc Goddard.

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ROUND 1 - Leben comes out southpaw, Munoz is orthodox. Inside leg kick from Munoz. Leben already stalking, but over commits and Munoz ducks under for a single leg takedown. Munoz on top in half guard. Leben wall walks his way back to his feet. Munoz dives in with a right hand, but Leben reverses position and takes Munoz down. Munoz is trying to stand, but Leben is landing several hard left hands. Now they separate. Leben drives forward with a right hook and now the two clinch along the fence. Leben catches a knee and dumps Munoz to the mat. Leben sits back on a guillotine attempt, but it's from half guard. Munoz escapes. Hard punches on top now from Munoz. Leben trying to stand and eats an extremely hard punch.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Munoz.