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Michihiro Omigawa Decisions Jason Young At UFC 138

UFC 138 results: Michihiro Omigawa defeats Jason Young by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Nate Wilcox comments on the action and offers his trade mark instant analysis.

Michihiro Omigawa lost his last UFC bout in a controversial decision, but he took no chances tonight, dominating Jason Young from bell-to-bell with a suffocating take down and top control game. Young looked to have the better stand up game, but it didn't matter much as Omigawa was able to make the fight overwhelmingly a ground battle. 

UFC 138 results: Michihiro Omigawa defeats Jason Young by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Omigawa ate a couple of kicks in the first before he could close distance. An inadvertant headbutt busted up the Brit's right eye before Omigawa got a trip take down. Young was able to cage crawl back up and stand. When they separated Young landed a kick or two before going in for a take down of his own. Unfortunately for Young, Omigawa latched on a guillotine and used it to roll Young over on his back.

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In the second, Omigawa got a quick take down but wasn't able to do much from the top position, despite threatening with a kimura attempt. Notably Joe Rogan mentioned the catch wrestling terminology for the hold, calling it a double wrist lock in a nice break from his usual Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu centric lingo.

Young fought back to his feet and fired off a few kicks before Omigawa once again got the clinch and quickly took Young back down. Omigawa didn't do much from the top although he did briefly get mounted position and landed a few elbows.

In the third Omigawa once again took Young down from the clinch. This time he elected to go for a heel hook but it didn't seem like his heart was in it and the long-legged Young quickly escaped. Young threw a punch or two standing before Omigawa once again took him down and this time threatened with a guillotine then transitioned to a front-choke attempt. Young escaped but Omigawa maintained top position.

Young managed to reverse position before the end of the round but it was too little too late. Young falls to 0-2 in the UFC and will likely be cut.