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UFC 138's Brad Pickett: Respect For Lighter Weight Classes 'Will Take Time'

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UFC bantamweight contender Brad Pickett has earned the right to grumble. Through no fault of his own, Pickett's featured UFC 138 match-up against Renan Barao is perhaps the least discussed co-main event in recent UFC history.

While this unusual circumstance can be partly attributed to fans looking past Saturday's lukewarm card towards the UFC's historic debut on Fox, the general public's persisting lack of familiarity with the 135-pound and 145-pound weight classes may also be partly to blame.

At Thursday's UFC 138 pre-fight press conference, Pickett spoke about the lack of respect the UFC's newest weight divisions face and the trial-by-fire method that will inevitably win audiences over.

They will (respect the lower weight classes) now with the audience we get. Obviously it was hard before, the WEC wasn't a really big show. But now they've merged, the UFC has given us an opportunity to show what we've got on a larger scale. Obviously it will take time because they can't just go from the WEC, put us in the UFC, and promote us as well as people already know the UFC fighters. That will take time. But if you watch our fights, and you enjoy our fights, we're going to get more and more people demanding us on cards and stuff, and you'll see a lot of us higher up on the bills.