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UFC Reportedly Still Targeting 2012 Event In The Philippines

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While there are no plans yet solidified, the UFC still has plans to host a show in the Philippines, perhaps as early as 2012.

PHOTO CREDIT: Anton Tabuena,
PHOTO CREDIT: Anton Tabuena,

While there are currently no set plans, the UFC understands the Philippines is a burgeoning market for mixed martial arts and they want to cash in on the growing interest. According to a report in the Philippine Star, the UFC is actively trying to make a 2012 show in the Philippines a reality.

"There's a chance the UFC will hold fights in the Philippines, the UFC is working it out with ABS-CBN and Balls, maybe next year," Kevin Chang, UFC-Asia's senior director for media, said yesterday. Chang and former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn were at a press conference in Quezon City, Philippines to promote UFC in the country.

Chang, Penn and others held a press conference and other activities at the Music Hall of Mall of Asia. Bloody Elbow was in attendance yesterday and has photos of the entire event.

The UFC currently has two key fighters of Filipino descent who could potentially fight on the card. Light heavyweight Brandon Vera and middleweight Mark Munoz are notable standouts. There are other fighters of Filipino descent competing both in North America and in the Philippines the UFC could potentially acquire for a future show.

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