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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 7 Recap: Imagine Being That Guy

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Ultimate Fighter season 14 contestant Akira Corassani blogs about episode 7.

Akira Corassani
Akira Corassani

Hey guys! You like that one? A lot of me this week. I'm that guy this season!

I was talking to my friends about Dennis Bermudez. Imagine being that guy. Six weeks in a house and you're sitting there with your girlfriend watching for yourself. "Yes! Now! Oh, I'm in the background. S**t. Oh, here I am. Nope, background again. S**t!" It would be a nightmare to be in the house for that long and not be shown at all.

Tito Ortiz is good friends with Tiki and the guys in Huntington Beach so they brought him in. We didn't have any idea he was coming. It was all a surprise. He showed us some great stuff and also shared a lot of knowledge. Tito's been in the cage for so many years now. Remember he made his UFC debut in 1997! The God Father of ground and pound. He had a unique style of just taking people down and smothering them. It was insane.

The way T.J. Dillashaw said it was that he thought he was the top guy and wanted our coaches to push him to the finals and take the easiest fight. He was a great friend in the house but after that he was pretty much thrown to the lions. We knew that John Dodson was their top guy, so for me as a fighter, it made more sense for T.J. to fight him. But T.J. ends up fighting the one legged guy. Roland Delorme was good for the fight, and how much his foot affected him I don't know, but he wasn't their sharpest knife.

I don't know where Bisping got that I had said I was trying to knock T.J. out during training. I actually never said that. They must have made that up or something. I said we were going to give him a hard time. I said we were joking. Why would I knock my teammate out? We're also friends. What they didn't show was that there were rumors going through the house the whole time. T.J. saying this and that. It all started with a joke. That shot where Diego pulled me to the camera in the house you can see that I'm giggling and stuff. It was a joke that turned into reality. Crazy sparring session. It was fun.

Diego and I were talking and he wanted to fight Bryan Caraway. For me it didn't matter. Bermudez and Caraway are similar guys and I knew they knew about my standup. They're the same level and type of fighter. But Diego said he wanted Caraway so I said OK, cool. It's the same fight. Caraway wanted me and not Diego because he was scared. I'll stand by that. His nickname was "The Scare-Away" in the house. His confidence wasn't the best. He's a great guy but he talked maybe the least of anyone. You saw his nerves in the beginning of the show when he was going to vomit in the bucket. And he saw what Diego did to Siler.

The surprising thing was when Johnny Bedford picked his own teammate in Dodson. That stuff he did didn't sit well with him. You have to remember, Bedford is a stud and always stands by what he says. He's always honest about stuff. He picked the toughest fight. And of course Dustin says everyone wants to see me lose. I'm team Bisping! Nobody on my team wanted to see me lose. He's routing for his team so of course he wants me to lose.

They made sure to make sure everyone knows I'm fighting next week to keep the ratings up. People want to see me fight. That's what I give them. I've been getting a ton of emails and tweets and facebooks from you guys all letting me know. I was out in Vegas with Frankie Edgar this past weekend for the fights and the response was unbelievable. No haters whatsoever. Only lovely people. It shows that we're human beings and not blood sucking vampires.

Same old same old. Stay tuned! I'm fighting next week! It's very cool to say that. Remember we are all one world. We are all one.

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Much love.