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Cotto Vs. Margarito: Antonio Worried About Miguel's NYC Advantage

It's no secret that the HBO pay-per-view rematch between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito is being held at Madison Square Garden in New York City to draw on the large Puerto Rican fanbase. It's a clear "home ring advantage" to Cotto. It also is a major part of the revenge story. Miguel will be looking to avenge his loss to the dastardly Margarito in front of thousands of his people, all screaming for the Mexican's blood.

But it's not the fans Antonio is worried about, it's the referee and judges. Via the New York Post:

"I'm just hoping we can have a neutral ref and neutral judges that see it's just us two up there," Margarito said through a translator. "If it goes 12 rounds and there's a decision, I just hope they don't give anybody any home advantages."

I wish I could say that home fighter decisions don't happen, but they do. Still, this is a fight much more likely to either be won via knockout or one-sided decision one way or the other and should not be an easy one to "rob" Margarito on the scorecards.

We will have much more about the event this week here on MMA Nation as will our boxing blog Bad Left Hook.