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Bellator 59: Eric Prindle Plans Follow-Up Hospital Visit After Groin Strike From Thiago Santos

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Thiago Santos takes down Eric Prindle at Bellator 59. (Photo by Cathlin Daley via
Thiago Santos takes down Eric Prindle at Bellator 59. (Photo by Cathlin Daley via

Eric Prindle is hoping for the best after his Bellator heavyweight title bid ended prematurely with a groin strike from Thiago Santos. The 35-year-old visited a Prescott, Arizona hospital on Monday afternoon for a follow-up prognosis, according to reports from MMA Junkie.

Before the appointment, Prindle revealed the swelling had yet to subside and his right testicle was still twice its normal size. At this point, it's still unclear if any permanent damage was done by the illegal blow.

The controversy came midway through the first-round of the season-five heavyweight tournament finale at Bellator 59 on Saturday night. After securing a takedown, Santos briefly stood over the downed Prindle before landing a soccer kick directly into his groin. The force of the shot immediately crippled the former United States solider, and the result of the contest was quickly put into doubt after Prindle was overheard saying he needed to throw up.

Eventually the bout was rendered a no contest and the illegal strike was deemed "accidental". Though, Prindle wasn't as convinced.

"I don't know how that was accidental," Prindle said. "I think Santos used the vale-tudo rules.

"In vale-tudo rules, anything goes. If it was a street fight, I would do the same thing. I don't think he necessarily did it on purpose. I think he saw my legs were out, he saw an opening, and he took it."

Regardless, a rematch has been tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2012, according to Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney. The winner receives the season-five heavyweight tournament title a guaranteed title shot against Bellator champion Cole Konrad.