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KSW 17 Results: Amid Controversy, Pudzianowski Vs. Thompson Overturned To No Contest

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(Photo by Jumana Totongi via
(Photo by Jumana Totongi via

Maybe James Thompson was on to something.

Just two days after the British heavyweight's post-fight tirade following a controversial majority decision loss to Polish strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 17, the promoter has changed the official result to a no contest due to judging errors. According to reports from Wojslaw Rysiewski, the decision should have been a split draw but judge Piotr Baginski made a mistake in totaling up his card.

Following a night of controversial decisions with nationalistic overtones in Lodz, Poland, Thompson (16-14, 1 NC) appeared to dominate Pudzianowski (3-2, 1 NC) in the first frame of their two-round fight. After a second, narrower stanza, an expected third and final round was never announced, and Pudzianowski was declared the winner via majority decision.

Thompson was livid with the decision and immediately snatched the microphone away from the ringside announcer.

"F***ing joke. Give Mariusz a big round of applause. Come on. What a f***ing joke," he seethed. "I thought KSW was really trying to be serious. If you can watch that back and call that serious, then you're f***ed, and KSW is going down the f***ing toilet."

Regardless, the rivalry appears to have reached it's unsatisfying conclusion. According to Rysiewski, KSW has no plans on matching the two heavyweights up in the near future.