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Jake Ellenberger Contends His 'Style' Will Be Uniquely Troubling For Georges St. Pierre

Welterweight rising contender Jake Ellenberger sat down with Tatame TV to discuss a variety of issues, not least of which was who he'd like to face next and why. After being asked about the relative ease with which he defeated Jake Shields compared to UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre's laborious effort against the former Strikeforce champion, Ellenberger asserted his particular fighting style will be problematic for GSP.

Full quote after the jump.

HT: MMA Mania for transcribing:

"Styles make fights and I go into each fight with no fear, working my strategy and what I'm gonna do. GSP is fantastic, one of the best fighters in the world. I'm working my way up, one fight at a time and hopefully I can get to fight GSP. I think [my style] is definitely one to give him more trouble than a lot in the past. He's one of the best fighters in this sport. I definitely have to be prepared and I've dedicated by life to training and doing everything I have to do to keep improving on things I'm weaker at or not as strong and become more well-rounded. I definitely believe I can beat GSP. I think I can beat anybody in my weight class in the world. I just have to continue to stay focused."

I don't know that I'd buy it'd be uniquely difficult, but I certainly regard Ellenbeger has a hefty challenge for GSP. Mostly on the feet, though. He isn't the technical striker Thiago Alves is, but he packs a ton of power and is significantly more aggressive. He's more brawler than boxer, but with strong defensive wrestling. That seems to be potent enough of a combination to potentially give GSP (or anyone, really) tense moments in any fight.