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Respect in the Cage went down Saturday November 19, 2011. The same day as UFC and Bellator's amazing fight cards. To say this job is good would be an understatement. I got to watch StrikeforceUFCBellator and M-1 Global online and on TV, not to mention I was cageside for this particular event. It was the perfect MMA weekend.

To start things off, Respect in the Cage set the Fox Theatre up with a cage, go go dancers and strategically place bars at every possible location. Joe 'Daddy' Stevenson and Don Frye (the man, the myth, the legend in cowboy boots and 10 gallon hat) were in attendance, taking some fan pics, signing autographs and enjoying the night's fights like the rest of us. We were there thanks to Nathan of Bound by Blood Management (thank you again) to cover the event. We would like to say Congratulations to Art Ramirez for his 2nd round win! Great job, we look forward to covering your career in the big leagues.

The night consisted of 9 pro fights. The prelims started the night off right, with Caleb Voluton subbing Kenny Hutchinson in the first round. The next fight was a great back and forth between Walter Salva and Danny Kong, giving Walter the Win by decision. Kevin Michel's had a great 2 round battle with Max Ceniceros and George Sanchez locked in a picture-perfect guillotine to finish Ed Hoffman off in the first. Josh Aveles and James Moontasri had a 3 round war that saw both men getting the better on the ground and in the stand up ending with James earning the decision victory. Matt Bahntge took Danny Navarro the distance ending in a decision victory for Navarro. The final fight before the main events was Bound By Blood managed Art Ramirez. Art Ramirez came out strong as did Dominic, however Art was to much for Dominic on the ground, leading to a great arm-in guillotine in the 2nd round. Art Ramirez like many of the night's fighters is someone to keep an eye on in the future.

The Co-Main Event and Main Event saw a quick sub and 5 round war. Mark Vorgeas came out looking to pressure Richard Schiller in the Co-Main Event, only Richard had other ideas, taking Mark's back and slapping in a RNC for the 1st round win. Saturday was the night of thrilling battles, Wanderlei and Cung Le, Hendo and Shogun, Alvarez and Chandler and finally Christos Giagos vs. Joe Camacho!

The fight started out with Joe Blasting Christos early in the first, Christos answered, but was unable to find his range. The first round went to Camacho on my scorecard. The 2nd started out as the 1st had, with Camacho dictating the pace and beating Christos to the punch. As the 2nd round progressed, Christos began to find his range, just as Camacho started to gas. Christos controlled the remainder of the round, taking Camacho down and dominating from top position. The 3rd, 4th and 5th were much of the same. Joe Camacho is a game opponent, pushing himself to the limits of exhaustion. The younger and dare I say hungrier Christos was just too much for Joe who couldn't stop the takedowns and subsequent ground and pound leading to a decision win for the reigning Champion Christos Giagos. The action was fast, with both fighters giving it their all, I'm looking forward to seeing Christos defend the belt again, as well as seeing Joe Camacho do his thing in the cage.

Respect in the Cage is a solid promotion, a growing promotion putting on events each better than the previous. For anyone in Southern Cali, Pomona is close enough to make the drive, enjoy some great local MMA, drinks and friends on any budget. The location (Fox Theatre) is large enough to hold a good size audience, but small enough for everyone to have a great view of the action. If you have a free weekend, I say you catch this local promotion, it's worth the price, plus you will be supporting future MMA stars.

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Kenny Hutchinson vs. Caleb Voluton 
Caleb by sub 1 st round.
Walter Selva vs. Danny Kong
Walter by decision.
Kevin Michel vs. Max Ceniceros
Matt by guillotine 2nd round
George Sanchez vs. Edwin Hoffman
George Sanchez 1st round guillotine
Josh Aveles vs. James Moontasri
James by Decision.
Danny Navarro vs. Matt Bahntge
Danny by decision.
Dominic Gutierrez vs. Art Ramirez
Art by arm in guillotine 2nd round.

Main Event:

Mark Vorgeas vs. Richard Schiller
Richard by RNC 1 st round
Christos Giagos (c) vs. Joe Camacho
Cristos by decision.

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