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M-1 Global Proposes Emelianenko Vs. Velasquez, Dana White Politely Declines

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Long before he was left for dead by Strikeforce, Fedor Emelianenko and his M-1 management waged a rather public war with UFC President Dana White. With the world's number-one heavyweight in their corner, Emelianenko's handlers waylaid White with an absurd onslaught of demands; everything from co-promoted shows to scores of M-1 fighters being brought into the UFC fold.

Eventually the negotiations collapsed under their own weight and it was assumed the relationship between the two sides had penned its final chapter.

Apparently not.

Fresh from a return to relevance, courtesy of Jeff Monson, Emelianenko is once again being shopped by M-1 Global Director of Operations Evengi Kogan. On Tuesday night, for all in the Twitter-verse to see, Kogan sent his grand proposition to White.

@danawhite Fedor vs Velasquez in 2012, lets make this happen. Fedor is back, and a fight w/ Cain will prove it.
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Yes, in a last-ditch effort to suck the legend of Fedor dry, M-1 has changed the tune they so staunchly stood by as recently as a year ago. Gone are the requests of co-promotion, exorbitant salaries, and Russian signings. Instead, M-1 simply wants to see Fedor fight Cain Velasquez because "it's time for things to be put right".

Dana's response: