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Chael Sonnen Accepts Anderson Silva's Challenge On The Round-Up

MMA Nation rounds up the latest news from the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

Chael Sonnen - Anderson Silva
Chael Sonnen - Anderson Silva

MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports. Today we continue to examine the fallout from UFC 139, before looking ahead to UFC 140. Plus, a certain pair of middleweight rivals finally reach an agreement. 

- First, on a serious note, in less than two months Danny Miller Jr. -- son of UFC middleweight Dan Miller -- will undergo the kidney transplant he requires in order to have the chance to live a normal, happy, care-free life. Unfortunately, this procedure is as expensive as it is necessary. In order to help cover these costs, the Daniel James Miller Foundation has been established. Please visit the website to find out more information. 

- Back on the weekend front, for those that missed it, the UFC has uploaded the complete UFC 139 post-fight press conference to their YouTube channel. Watch as Dana White coyly dances around the subject of an Anderson Silva headlined card in June. 

- Once on the verge of a four-fight losing streak, Stephan Bonnar has seemingly reawakened his career following a dominating victory over Kyle Kingsbury on Saturday. Afterward, "The American Psycho" surprised everybody by calling out Quinton "Rampage" JacksonMMA Nation's Jonathan Snowden examined the possibility.

- Wanderlei Silva didn't exactly do Cung Le any favors at UFC 139. In the night's co-main event, "The Ax Murderer" lived up to his namesake and rearranged Le's face in gruesome fashion. Afterwards, Silva jokingly explained that the movie star should be grateful: "With that nose, he's going to make more money in Hollywood because now he looks like a more real fighter. He should thank me for making his nose look better."

- In case you didn't catch it, here are the before and after photos of the damage (via @CungLe185).



- But that wasn't the end of it. On Monday, Le took to Facebook to express his displeasure towards the refereeing of the fight: "The back of my head hurts more than my face. The Ref needs to watch the strikes to the back of the head more..."

- Meanwhile, Chael Sonnen was back up to his old tricks. With UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently stating he would fight Sonnen only if the rematch was in Brazil, the brash challenger took to Twitter to respond.

I accept Anderson. Brazil it is. Now then, about that meal...
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- If Saturday's main event proved anything, it's that the UFC's transition to five-round main events was a genius decision. Unfortunately, no one informed Josh Rosenthal. Before the beginning for the third frame, the referee declared "Last round!" before being hilariously corrected by Dan HendersonOn Monday, Rosenthal explained what went wrong.

- The folks at FightHub caught up with former world champion boxer Zab Judah over the weekend, and needless to say, the southpaw didn't exactly mince words when discussing his view on MMA. Said Judah: "The difference between MMA and boxing is anybody can be a MMA fighter it just takes, just brutality. You know what I'm sayin'? It's not a skill level thing."

- Meanwhile, troubled middleweight Paulo Filho hit another lowpoint in his bizarre fall from grace. On Monday the former contender was removed from his KSW 17 headliner against Mamed Khalidov on November 26th after the promoter "received alarming news about Filho's health condition."

- People hate Miguel Torres because he's boring. Stephan Bonnar needed to apologize after dominating Kyle Kingsbury for fifteen minutes. Fedor Emelianenko has lost his edge because of a measured gameplan against Jeff Monson. After all this weekend's noise, Leland Rolling came to the (rather accurate) conclusion that "we really are a bunch of petulant children."

- Finally, with UFC 139 behind us, we'll leave you with an early preview of UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida.