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UFC 139 Results: 'Shogun' Rua Not Satisfied With Decision, Wants 'Revenge'

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua isn't ready to turn the page after his legendary bout with Dan Henderson at UFC 139.

Shogun Rua - Dan Henderson
Shogun Rua - Dan Henderson

Mauricio Rua isn't happy. Despite turning in one of the most legendarily brutal comebacks in mixed martial arts history against Dan Henderson at UFC 139, "Shogun" is forever stuck with what he feels is an undeserved "L" on his record.

After the bout, the exasperated former champion expressed his displeasure to UOL Esporte (translation via MMA Mania).

"It certainly was a great fight. I don't know how the judges made the scoring of the last round, but it could or should have been 10-8 for me," Rua stated. "Even Dana White admitted he would have scored it a draw."

Indeed he did. Following the conclusion of the event, White expressed similar surprise after judges elected to award Henderson the victory, despite a fifth frame in which "Shogun" mounted his opponent numerous times throughout the majority of five minutes. "You give Shogun a 10-8 in the last round for a dominant round," White explained. "It's a draw."

Regardless, the UFC President made it clear a rematch isn't in the cards, announcing that Henderson would either get a shot at the 185-pound or 205-pound title for his next bout, timing permitted. Rua, however, isn't satisfied.

"It does not take anything away from Dan Henderson. He is a legend and he is of those guys who created a legacy, but I want revenge," Rua admitted. "I think this would be another great battle and the public wants to see it."