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VIDEO: Vladimir Putin Booed By Russian Fans At M-1 Global


Fans in attendance for M-1 Global's weekend event were not only witness to the homecoming of Russian legend Fedor Emelianenko, but also an unexpected political statement.

Video after the jump.

Following Emelianenko's unanimous decision win over former UFC contender Jeff Monson, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin -- a black belt judoka himself -- stepped into the ring to congratulate the victor. However, much to his surprise, the sold-out crowd lining Moscow's Olimpisky Stadium didn't seem to appreciate the appearance.

Putin's backers, of course, claimed the jeers "were not a sign of dissent, but came from beer-guzzling fight fans expressing their need to get to the toilets." Sure they were.

In case you missed Fedor's return to relevance, Bloody Elbow provided play-by-play of all the action. Click here for complete results.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Jeff Monson - Round 1 - Right hand by Fedor misses, Monson shoots but can't get the takedown. Fedor is landing leg kicks and Monson doesn't appear to have any idea what to do. Fedor continuing to land the leg kicks. Monson bleeding from the nose from a few Fedor punches. Fedor keeping safe with the leg kicks. Monson finally shoots in but Fedor stuffs it and turns to get on top. Fedor decides to stand right back up and goes back to the leg kicks. Monson just covering up now and Fedor lands a punch that sends him stumbling backward and falling to the ground. Fedor lays on top of him and throws some soft punches. Not exactly how I saw him finishing it. Fedor makes him stand up, Monson shoots again after getting hit but can't get the takedown. The round ends and it was...not good. 10-9 Fedor.

Round 2 - Fedor with a leg kick. Fedor lands a right hand, Monson goes down. Fedor makes him stand back up. Monson shoots again and Fedor stuffs it again. More leg kicks. Monson is basically begging for Fedor to go to the ground now, even if Jeff has to be on bottom. Right hand by Fedor and Monson goes down again. Fedor standing over him landing leg kicks. Monson stands right back up now. Monson with a half-effort shot and Fedor defends yet again. Monson just diving for legs over and over and it's clearly not going to work. Monson's performance is embarrassing. He's continually falling over and has no sort of offensive plan whatsoever. A few more shots from Fedor, Monson falls briefly and gets up again. Monson shoots in again and this time is able to pull half guard but there are only ten seconds left. 10-8 Fedor. Monson did nothing.

Round 3 - Leg kicks by Fedor and a right hand. Monson gets inside, lands a knee to the body and Fedor throws him to the ground and backs away. Hard leg kick and Fedor opening up with his punches a little more now. Leg kick by Fedor and Monson falls to the ground. Monson with a wide hook that misses and Fedor jabs him. Another leg kick. Monson with a shot from way too far away and he tumbles to the ground. Monson moving around a little better after a brief stoppage to check on a cut. Fedor lands a right hand and Monson tries to shoot but can't get it to the ground. Fedor throwing at the end of the round, Monson shoots again and can't get it. And the fight ends. 10-9 Fedor.

Official Scorecards: Fedor Emelianenko wins by unanimous decision. No scores announced.

Photo via M-1