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VIDEO: The Secret Origin Of UFC 138's Mark Munoz

In advance of his debut performance at the top of a UFC card, Mark Munoz talks about how he got into MMA in this video. We also get to see lots of footage of Munoz training at his Reign Training Center. 

Munoz discusses his family history, their move to America, how he got involved in sports as a way to avoid getting picked on by bullies. He also goes into his collegiate wrestling career -- although somehow the time he wrestled Chael Sonnen gets overlooked -- and how Urijah Faber introduced him to MMA.

The capper is Munoz' story about his first time sparring for MMA with Randy Couture. Talk about starting at the top!

Munoz will face Chris Leben at UFC 138 in a middleweight bout with clear title implications. He's coming off a unanimous decision win over Demian Maia in a great bout at UFC 131 and has three straight wins.