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UFC 139 Results: White Hints At Anderson Silva Headlined Sao Paulo Card In June

Dana White insinuated towards a UFC card in Sao Paulo, Brazil headlined by Anderson Silva.

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In the aftermath of UFC 134, UFC President Dana White declared the promotion would be traveling back to Brazil as often as possible. He apparently meant it.

With a return to Rio de Janeiro already slated for January, White may have accidentally revealed the UFC's next trip down south during the UFC 139 post-fight press conference.

When asked by a Brazilian reporter if plans were in the works for Anderson Silva to headline a June card in Sao Paulo, the UFC boss was taken aback.

"How's this stuff get out," a surprised White exclaimed, before coyly continuing. "It might be. What happens is, (the media) gets all this sneaky (news) and then I say stuff at the press conference and my whole crew goes, ‘What are you doing? We didn't say anything yet!'

"I don't know. I don't know if we're going to Sau Paulo in June, and if Anderson Silva is headlining the card. Have no clue," he concluded with a sly grin creeping across his face. "That would be awesome though."

Dana smiling when asked if Anderson is fighting in Sao Paolo in June. Looks like where there's smoke there's fire ...
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