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UFC 139 Results: Martin Kampmann Defeats Rick Story After First Round Adjustments

The ninth fight of the night and airing on pay-per-view at UFC 139 is Martin Kampmann vs. Rick Story. This is a welterweight fight, meaning 170 pounds. The referee in charge of the action is Josh Rosenthal.

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ROUND 1 - Story sounding southpaw, Kampmann is orthodox. Nice left to the body by Story. And now a left hook by Story. Right hook by Kampmann finds the mark. Left to the body again by Story plus a right hook. Story with a right hook to the body. Story lands a right to the body, but Kampmann lands a left of his own. Another left to the body from Story. Story dives into a clinch against the fence, but they both separate.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Story.

ROUND 2 - Short right partially lands for Kampmann. And again. And again. Right hook to the body for Story this time. Left elbow for Story lands. Story goes to the body, but Kampmann's right is coming alive. Nice right to the body again from Story. Excellent trip takedown for Kampmann puts the Xtreme Couture product on top. Kampmann in half guard briefly hunting a head and arm triangle, but Story doing his best to avoid it.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Kampmann.

ROUND 3 - Story rips a hard body shot to Kampmann's side and the two jockey along the fence. Kampmann reverses and attempts a double, but it doesn't work until the second try. Story stands and spins out. Kampmann reaches for a double, but can't get it. Story returns the favor and gets it, but Kampmann stands almost immediately. Kampmann briefly dumps Story to the floor, but Story stands immediately. Story gets another takedown, but Kampmann stands again. Story gives up his back and Kampmann's looking to choke.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Kampmann and the fight 29-28 Kampmann.

UFC 139 results: Martin Kampmann defeats Rick Story by split decision (29-28 Story, 30-27 Kampmann, 29-28 Kampmann)