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UFC 139 Results: Chris Weidman Puts Tom Lawlor To Sleep With Slick D'arce Choke

The fifth fight of the night and airing on Facebook at UFC 139 is Tom Lawlor vs. Chris Weidman. This is a middleweight fight, meaning 185 pounds. The referee in charge of the action is Dan Stell.

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ROUND 1 - Lawlor standing southpaw and Weidman is orthodox. Right away Lawlor landing quick left straights. Weidman times a right hand from Lawler, grabs a double and turns the corner to take Lawlor down. Weidman passes to side while Lawlor's other side faces the cage. Weidman locks up a D'arce choke and within seconds puts Lawlor completely to sleep. He had to adjust hip down rather than belly down to tighten the choke, but it worked. Incredible performance by Chris Weidman. Aggressive, dominant and properly executed.

UFC 139 results: Chris Weidman defeats Tom Lawlor by submission (D'arce choke) at 2:07 of round 1.