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UFC 139 Results: Danny Castillo Smashes Shamar Bailey From Pillar To Post

The first fight of the night and airing on Facebook at UFC 139 is Shamar Bailey vs. Danny Castillo. This is a lightweight fight, meaning 170 pounds.

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ROUND 1 - Bailey comes out southpaw, Castillo is orthodox. Castillo slips on a kick and as Bailey charges in to attack, Castillo recovers and perfectly executes a double leg takedown. Bailey able to stand, but Castillo is pressing him into the fence and double leg slams him. Bailey recovers and again Castillo slams him, this time in the center of the cage. Castillo is Bailey's half guard attempting to pass, but as Bailey generally stuffs it Castillo posturing and mixing strikes on top. The ground and pound is coming a little stronger now and now Castillo moves to mount. Bailey hip escapes, but Castillo pours it on. That's it. The referee stops the fight as Bailey turns his back.

UFC 139 results: Danny Castillo defeats Shamar Bailey by TKO (referee stoppage) at 4:52 of round 1.