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UFC 139's Cung Le: 'Expect Some Thunder Followed By Lightning'

Cung Le, who makes his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 139 against Wanderlei Silva, tells 'The Fight Fix' fans can expect the same fireworks he's known to deliver even if he's been off of the competitive circuit for a while.


Dustin Green, host of CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix', is back with an exclusive interview with UFC middleweight Cung Le. Le faces MMA legend Wanderlei Silva this weekend at UFC 139, but is also making his UFC debut.

Green talks to Le about his views on having not only his first fight in the UFC but doing so in his hometown (San Jose, California), whether he'll have ring rust from his time off and what fans can expect of him who've never seen Le compete.

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24, on fighting his 1st UFC fight in San Jose: "I'm super excited to be fighting [in] my first UFC & especially fighting in San Jose.  It's a dream come true."

42, on whether or not he'll have ring rust: "I believe there will be no ring rust for me because I been out for over a year.  I been doin' one movie, but, ya know my body is healthy and it's gonna be ready to go Saturday night."

1:06, on any wrinkles in his game he may have for Wanderlei: "Wanderlei Silva is a very dangerous opponent and he's gonna come in hard and try to push me up against the fence and fight me there.  I been training in all aspects of my game from wrestling, to jiu-jitsu, to standup in close and [at a] distance. So I been just working on everything."

1:31, on what new fans can expect to see from him n Saturday night: "Everyone who hasn't seen me fight, hey can expect some thunder followed by lightning by Cung Le."