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Chael Sonnen's Canadian Rampage On The Round-Up

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MMA Nation rounds up the latest news from the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

Chael Sonnen - Brian Stann
Chael Sonnen - Brian Stann

MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports. This morning we break down UFC 139, plus a dash of Chael Sonnen and Frank Trigg for good measure.

- The gear-up to UFC 139 continued on Thursday with the customary pre-fight press conference. In case you missed it, MMA Nation has complete coverage of the proceedings with video and notable quotes from "Shogun" Rua, Dan Henderson, Cung Le, Wanderlei Silva, Brian Bowles, and Urijah Faber.

- Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach remembers the first time he met UFC 139 headliner Dan Henderson. Said Roach, "I thought he was going to break my neck." 

- Before Henderson was a star, he exploded onto the scene in a tournament featuring names from all corners of the world, including Maurice Smith, Renzo Gracie, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Alistair OvereemJonathan Snowden has all the grainy, video goodness.

- There's probably hundreds of interesting Chael Sonnen interviews on the internet, but this one in particular is a doozy. In a clip that has made rounds this week, the brash middleweight contender squares off with reporter Michael Landsberg on national Canadian television before eventually storming out mid-sentence. See what elicited this reaction from Sonnen: "So, I mean, if this your first day in MMA. Do you know what the Octagon is? Have you heard of that before? I'm sorry, let me calm down, I don't want to give you nightmares tonight."

- "Rampage" Jackson stopped by to lend a helping hand with this PSA.

- In the midst of this week's excitement, the UFC signed three-time Russian Combat Sambo champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

- Ever find yourself questioning why a particular match-up graced the main card while your favorite fighter was relegated to the preliminaries? Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney has a little surprise for you.

- Dan Henderson's right hand is, without question, one of the most dangerous weapons in mixed martial arts (just ask Michael Bisping). But the 41-year-old isn't satisfied just yet. Said "Hendo": "With every fight I have, there's an opportunity to execute and really finish guys, and I feel like I'm getting better at that."

- In the wake of the UFC finally "making it", idiotic things are bound to be said by the old guard. But that doesn't mean we should try to deny what inherently draws us to this sport. Brent Brookhouse explains: "Embrace the violence, MMA fans. Because I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of it Saturday night. And it's going to be great."

- Dan Henderson has never been knocked out in his 15-year career. "Shogun" Rua believes he can change that.

- Junior dos Santos earned $220,000 on Saturday, aka, roughly 1% of what Manny Pacquiao made on the same night. Was this what Nick Diaz was talking about?

- In completely unexpected news, Frank Trigg launched a dating blog. Yeah, you read that right.

- Lastly, we'll leave you with an explosive preview of Saturday's main event. Expect fireworks.