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VIDEO: Dan Henderson's Last UFC Appearance, KO'ing Michael Bisping At UFC 100

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The UFC has released their "KO of the Week" video just in time for UFC 139. The video features 139's headliner Dan Henderson in his last UFC appearance. That's when he knocked Michael Bisping out at UFC 100 in one of the best KO's in UFC history.  Henderson faces Mauricio "Shogun" Rua on Saturday.

Here's what I wrote at the time on Bloody Elbow:

In a sick KO to end the fight Dan Henderson sent a message to Michael Bisping- watch what you say about me, son.

Dazed after the fight, Bisping had no idea what happened to him.

Rocking the Brit early, Dan Henderson showed no respect for Michael Bisping's power at all wading forward through the round. Bisping began to score and evade towards the end of the first. But as the final minute of the round was spent in the clinch, Henderson showed total wrestling dominance and capped off the round with a sharp right hand.

Pinning Bisping against the cage and tagging him in the second, Henderson seemed to be chasing his prey in the second round.