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VIDEO: Wanderlei Silva's UFC 139 Training Camp

The legendary Wanderlei Silva returns to the cage this weekend against a debuting Cung Le. Silva, once the most feared man in the sport, has fallen on hard times. Silva is just 2-4 since leaving his long time home promotion Pride to come to the UFC.

Can he get his groove back against Le, a San Shou specialist likely to give him the standing fight he craves? It's one of the most intriguing fights on a card tailor made for hardcore fans.

In the weeks leading up to his bout with Cung Le, we visited Wanderlei Silva's training camp to see how he's preparing for this fight, and hear how he reflects on his last bout. But first he takes us back to his very first fight, how he got into MMA, and eventually the UFC. Catch this highly anticipated co-main event at UFC® 139: Shogun vs Henderson, Saturday, November 19, 9E/6P, live on Pay-Per-View.