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VIDEO: Dana White's UFC 139 VLOG Part 1

UFC President Dana White favors us with another one of his famous UFC video blogs. This installment actually looks back at last weekend's UFC on Fox. Lots of footage from behind the scenes in Anheim as Dana and company prepare for their return to broadcast television.

Bloody Elbow's Tim Burke details the action:

Business picks up at the 4:21 mark, when Dana walks into a Fox dressing room and directly into a gigantic Brock Lesnar. Lesnar uses some colorful language (and a threat) to tell the guy with the camera not to use the footage, which is honestly the highlight of the blog. Dana also talks a bit with Lesnar's UFC 141 opponent, Alistair Overeem.

Dana talks a lot of heat from people, but he does a lot of good things as well. In the next part, he meets with a cancer patient and talks about the fight with him. That's followed up by a humorous conversation between Bruce Buffer and Joe Rogan where Buffer is complaining about a video that was posted last week with some outtakes of him called "The Ring...Announcer." Some weigh-in and Fox pre-game stuff follows, and we see the two main eventers warming up and going out to the cage.

Finally, it shows Dana entering the cage to strap the belt around the waist of JDS, and how Cain reacted after the fight. The last clips are of the post-fight press conference. Certainly not the best blog ever, but it has it's moments I guess.