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VIDEO: UFC Legend Ken Shamrock Talks Steroids, Wants Americans To 'Stop Lying'

Former UFC champion Ken Shamrock was a guest on MMA Inside the Cage for an extended nearly 30 minute interview. He goes on at length about the potential positive uses of steroids and advises Americans, including fans to "stop lying" to ourselves about the drugs.

Shamrock also talks about his introduction to MMA via the Japanese Pancrase organization. His famous bouts with Bas Rutten and his time in the WWE. 

According to Shamrock, he left the WWE after they proposed a story-line in which he would become incestuously attracted to a performer playing his "sister." He had earlier refused a bout against the female wrestler Chyna because he didn't want to "send the message" to his children under 10 years old that it "was ok to hit girls."

Shamrock won the first UFC "superfight" belt at UFC 6 when he beat Dan Severn by guillotine choke. That belt later became the UFC heavyweight championship. Shamrock lost the title to Severn at UFC 9.