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UFC On Fox Results: Aaron Rosa Decisions Matt Lucas In Tepid Affair

The first fight of the night for UFC on Fox 1 is Aaron Rosa vs. Matt Lucas. This bout is airing on Facebook and is contested at light heavyweight, meaning 205 pounds. This is Lucas' UFC debut. The referee in charge of the action is John McCarthy.

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ROUND 1 - Lucas opens southpaw and gets a takedown to open the round, but Rosa stands almost immediately as Lucas spins to the back. Lucas pressing Rosa into the fence, but already appears winded. Lucas loses his mouthpiece, so referee McCarthy briefly calls time to get the mouthpiece back in. Left hook lands for Rosa and Lucas presses for a double against the fence as Rosa defends. Rosa locks up a Thai plum and underhook-farside elbow combination to land several knees. Lucas and Rosa briefly exchange punches before the round expires.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Rosa.

ROUND 2 - Rosa over commits on a punch and Lucas beautifully times a double. Rosa, however, stands immediately. Lucas reaches again for a double against the fence, but can't get it. Rosa continually elbowing Lucas to the head and body, although not particularly hard. Rosa uses a standing kimura attempt to get his back off the cage. Two right hooks from Lucas land. Hard knee to the midsection from Rosa. Referee McCarthy takes a point for Lucas dropping his mouth piece. Lucas catches a kick and runs the pipe to take Rosa to the ground. 

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Rosa.

ROUND 3 - Lucas opens the round swinging, but can't get much to land. A couple of short elbows from Rosa finds the mark. Several hard knees to the body from Rosa. Inside leg kick for Rosa. More knees from Rosa now as Lucas hangs on. Rosa with an underhook now using his head to press Lucas into the cage and unload short punches. More knees to the midsection now from Rosa. The referee temporarily stops the action for a fallen mouthpiece from Lucas. Hard whizzer from Rosa allows him to stuff Lucas' final shot.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Rosa and the fight 30-27 Rosa.

UFC on Fox results: Aaron Rosa defeats Matt Lucas by majority decision (28-28, 30-26, 30-26)