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VIDEO: Guida Anticipates 'Whirlwind Of Hair And Cardio' Against Henderson

The similarities between Clay Guida and Ben Henderson are as apparent inside the cage as they are out. Both perfectly nice human beings away from competition, the lightweight contenders flip the switch to become frenetic balls of energy hell-bent on destruction the moment the cage doors close.

Of course, they are also share a proclivity for the prominent manes that have become their trademark.

In a promotional video released on Friday, Guida spoke about the similarities between he and Henderson, and the personal significance of the moment as they await their duel for the next lightweight title shot at UFC on Fox.

You're going to see just a whirlwind of hair and cardio, and just guys who can go for days, because this is what we were put on this card to do... This is without a doubt the biggest fight of my life. This victory means everything to me right now. This is going to prove a lot to myself and to the non-believers, and maybe to some other people out there who are still in question about me. I believe I'm the best in the division and I get to go out and prove it.