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UFC On Fox: Luke Thomas' Radio Schedule

It's self-serving, but what can i do? After the jump is my radio schedule for the day. I'll be on in various markets throughout the country and Toronto throughout the course of the day. The best part, though, is that even if you don't like in Minneapolis or Toronto or Austin, you'll still be able to listen online. I'll be talking UFC on Fox 1 and perhaps a few sundry other issues.

Friday November 11th, 2011

9:20 am            KFAN (Minneapolis)

Hosts:               Superstar Mike Morris, Chris Hawkey, and Cory Cove

Listen live:

10 am               1530 ESPN (Austin)

Hosts:               Chip Brown and Erin Hogan

Listen Live:

12:30 pm          WDAE (Tampa)

Hosts:               Jason Floyd

Listen live:

1 pm                WGGG (Gainesville)

Hosts:               Adam Reardon

Listen live:

1:30 pm            TSN Radio (Canada)

Hosts:               Mike Hogan

Listen live:

2:40 pm            The Fan 590 (Toronto)

Hosts:               Eric Smith & Paul Jones

Listen live:


4:05 pm            KTBZ (Tulsa)

Hosts:               Don King , Chris Plank & Jeremie Poplin

Listen live:

4:30 pm            WQYK (Tampa)

Hosts:               JP Peterson

Listen live:

6:25 pm            The Big 1070 (Madison)

Hosts:               Mike Heller & Phil Dawson

Listen live: