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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14: Episode 8 Pulls 1.4 Million Viewers

The latest ratings numbers for 'The Ultimate Fighter' (TUF) are out.

According to Spike TV, TUF earned an overall 1.1 household rating. In addition, the episode pulled in a 1.37 in males ages 18 to 49 and a 1.81 in males ages 18 to 34. The overall average audience reached 1.4 million viewers

Among basic cable networks between 10 p.m. ET and 11 p.m. ET, TUF ranked number three in males ages 18 to 49 and males ages 18 to 34. The two shows ahead of TUF were Comedy Central's 'South Park'/Nick Swardson programming and FX's 'American Horror Story'.

Complete Coverage: The Ultimate Fighter 14

For a comprehensive first-hand account of the seventh episode, check out episode 8 of the recap blog of featherweight contestant Akira Corassani.

'The Ultimate Fighter 14' viewership:

Episode 1: 1.5 million viewers
Episode 2: 1.6 million viewers
Episode 3: 1.3 million viewers
Episode 4: 1.5 million viewers
Episode 5: 1.6 million viewers
Episode 6: 1.6 million viewers
Episode 7: 1.5 million viewers
Episode 8: 1.4 million viewers