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VIDEO: Ariel Helwani Asks 'How Mainstream Is MMA'

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With the UFC on Fox just days away, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch within the mixed martial arts community. Many of us -- UFC President Dana White included -- understand the importance of this moment for a sport still caught in its relative infancy. By all accounts, Saturday may truly mark the moment MMA became mainstream.

Though is it possible we're all too close to the forest to see the trees? Ariel Helwani and the MMA Fighting crew hit the streets of Hollywood to find out if the rest of America is as excited as we are. 

Got to love Mr. Muscles claiming he trained under "Nico's partner" in Russia.

Obviously, the video illustrates the point of how much work Dana White and the UFC brass still have in front of them. Whether it's the product of generous editing or a hand-picked sample size, a majority of the individuals interviewed by Helwani either had negative, non-existant, or grossly misinformed opinion on the sport.

Most notably, it's strange to hear how much the general population still associates MMA purely with Kimbo Slice. If one CBS-aired event from three years ago had that far-reaching of an effect, it'll be fascinating to see the fallout from this weekend.